Use This Image To Invite LeadsLeap Members To Join EliteDownlineBuilder

I’ve added a resource to the members area of EliteDownlineBuilder to help you refer LeadsLeap members into the program.

When advertising on LeadsLeap you need to create a graphic that will be shown alongside the text that you write for your ad.

That gives us an opportunity to directly appeal to LeadsLeap members. And to make things easy for you, I’ve created a graphic that you can use in your EDB ads on LeadsLeap.

In this video I show you how to use it. It’s very easy to do. You can even create an ad for your EliteDownlineBuilder affiliate link on LeadsLeap as you watch the video. It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to get it done!

Video Transcript

Hello folks,

This is David Hurley of

I want to show you a resource I’ve just added to the membership area. It’s down here at the bottom of the menu: “LeadsLeap Promo Image.”

Use A LeadsLeap-Specific Advertising Image

I’ve created an image that will appeal directly to LeadsLeap members and will help you pull them into Elite Downline Builder as your referrals. It calls on LeadsLeap members and addresses them directly.

Now, I want to show you how you can put this ad on LeadsLeap and directly address those LeadsLeap members.

What you need to do is create a screenshot of this ad, leaving a lot of white space around the edges like so. And that will download to your hard-drive.

Then go over to LeadsLeap, log in to LeadsLeap. And you want to either post it as a pro ad if you’re an upgraded member, or a credit ad if you’re a free member. If you’re a pro member you can also do both. You can have both types of ad running. But free member will have to earn credits to get their ad seen.

How To Post An Ad On LeadsLeap

So let’s assume you want to post this ad in the My Credit Ads area. Now I will post a new ad. And here’s what we do. Put in the URL. And the URL is found over here in Affiliate Tools / Stats.

And you can just use the standard URL, up here. I like to add a keyword so I know where my referrals are coming from.

The keyword for this ad will be LL, capitals for “LeadsLeap,” and two small lls to show me it’s the ad that’s appealing directly to LeadsLeap members.

Give this ad a title. Each ad has to have a different title and a different text as well. They do insist on every ad being unique.

So, here we go. “Attention LeadsLeapers,” I’ve called this one.

And the text:

Attract LeadsLeap Referrals with this hot new program – FREE!

That will go in there.

How To Add An Image To Your LeadsLeap Ad

Now this is the important part here: “Add or Change the Image.” So we click on that. Click “Choose Image. “Now that screenshot that we just downloaded, which is here, we upload it.

And you can see now with all that whitespace, the ad fits nicely in this box. And we can adjust it using these + icons here to fit snugly between the lines.

… This one here stretches it down so you can get it fitting right in between the edges of the frame, right snug up to the edges of the frame like that. That should be okay. So we’ll check that. And there’s the image.

Okay, now we’ll go for the category… I think there are several categories you can use here. Downline Builder – I’m already advertising this ad – this image – in the  Downline Builder section. So I’ll go for… Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing. Internet Marketing; Standard ad. Save and submit. It will now check the image, or rather, check where the image is going to. I can see my ad so let’s move on. Testing for frame breaks. It’s not a framebreaker so this will be accepted.

There we go. Test is okay. Click here to Submit. Your ad has been submitted.

So that’s how easy it is to post this ad that directly appeals to LeadsLeap members on LeadsLeap.

Posting Standard Ads On LeadsLeap

I’ll just quickly show you how to post a standard ad.

Well, it’s the same process, but all you need to do to get this image onto LeadsLeap is to go to the affiliate page, which you can find here: Affiliate Tools / Stats. It will take us to this page where we are now.

Standard EliteDownlineBuilder ad for LeadsLeap
Take a screenshot of the image you want to use in your LeadsLeap ad.

If you want to get down there, click the Banner Ads. You can use an ad like this. Do the same thing. Give it a lot of space like so. Make a screen shot. And then go through the same process of adding it, like this one, to LeadsLeap.

And so that’s how you can reach out to LeadsLeap members, directly address them with an ad calling out LeadsLeap members and inviting them to join your downline in EliteDownlineBuilder.

I hope you make use of this resource and get some good results from it.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me via the contact support button here on Elite Downline Builder and I will get back to you.

Okay, that’s all from me,

David Hurley


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See you on the inside!


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