Two Video Guides To Elite Downline Builder

Here are two videos that introduce the EliteDownlineBuilder system and show you how it works.

The first video is the more recent of the two and quite a bit shorter! This is the video that greets members when they log in to the members area:

Video 1: An Introduction To Elite Downine Builder

Video 2 is a longer and more detailed walk through the system. It was the first guide to EDB that I made. As it’s around 46 minutes long, I suggest that you accelerate the running speed by 1.5 or more.

Since since video was made I dropped LeasedAdSpace and and brought AdKreator back into the “Top 5 Programs” downline builder.

See this blog post for more about why I brought back AdKreator.

Video 2: Elite Downline Builder Users Guide

Any Questions? Contact Me!

If you have any questions about how Elite Downline Builder can work for you, feel free to drop me a line any time and I will get back to you.

Here’s to your online business success.

David Hurley


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