2 New Faucets + A New Faucet Splash Page!

I have just added two more Bitcoin faucets to the Bitcoin Faucet Downline Builder page of EliteDownlineBuilder.com.

One of the two new faucets is Cointiply, a popular choice of faucet with a good reputation.

Introducing Stormgain

The other one is Stormgain.com and may be less familiar because it was only launched in 2020 and is not really a Bitcoin faucet at all! Bear with me here… Stormgain is a UK-based crypto futures trading website. Recently they added a new feature to attract new members, a free crypto “miner” that is built into the site.

Although they call it a “miner” it works like a glorified Bitcoin faucet and pays out quite generously. It took me just a week to earn $10 from the faucet (sorry, “miner”). Anyway, it looks good and the site is legit, so I have added Stormgain to the Bitcoin faucet downline builder in EDB.

The Faucets In Our System

The faucets we work with are:

Promote EDB With This New Faucet Builder Splash Page

I have just made a new splash page to promote the faucet downline builder aspect of EliteDownlineBuilder.

Here it is:

Log in to EliteDownlingBuilder.com to get your splashpage. It is in the “Affiliate Toolkit” section, and is Splashpage #8.

Good luck in promoting EliteDownlineBuilder and in building your Bitcoin faucet downlines!

All the best,

David Hurley



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