Our Top 5 Programs for 2021

I’ve just completed a review of the programs behind EliteDownlineBuilder.com and updated our “Top Five” for 2021.

It’s a case of “back to the fundamentals” behind why I started EliteDownlineBuilder in the first place: Tried and trusted programs that offer great quality, solid affiliate programs and have stood the test of time.

Three of the programs are unchanged from 2020, Prosperity Marketing System, Click Track Profit, and Leads Leap.

Let’s review why those three programs merit a place in the “Top 5” downline builder inside EDB:

Prosperity Marketing System

One of the best “funded proposal” programs I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Very well designed, with a great deal of flexibility in how you use it.

Also, the affiliate program pays out 100% commissions in Bitcoin, which is an excellent way to build your Bitcoin stash for the anticipated 2021 Bitcoin price pump…

Click Track Profit

I’ve been highly impressed with the new version of Click Track Profit since I added it to the Top Five Programs listings last January.

CTP operates on the Hive blockchain and have launched their own crypto token, CTPT. So you can earn while you learn how to profit from the growing interface between blogging, social media, and crytpo currency.

Leads Leap

Leads Leap has been our top source of traffic, referrals AND upgrades since the launch of EliteDownlineBuilder back in September 2018.

Since then, Leads Leap continues to add value by adding a top-quality professional autoreponder (2019), and a pdf file storage service (2020). The pdf storage service gives you a place where you can securely upload your ebooks and provide your clients with ebook download links. In short, it solves the problem of how to get your ebooks into the hands of your customers and subscribers.

If you maintain a paid subscription with Leads Leap, you get full access to their autoresponder, which is called SendSteed, and the pdf file storage service as part of your subscription package, for no extra cost.

Two “New” Programs for 2021

The two “new” ones for 2021 are our old favourites, SFI and Wealthy Affiliate, which were in the Top Five in 2018 and 2019.

I replaced them with a couple of Bitcoin arbitrage programs in 2020. If you worked with those programs you should have seen some healthy profits, but there is also a higher degree of risk associated with such programs.

One, Mind Capital, is undergoing restructuring and I do not want to recommend it any more until I can test its performance later this year.

The other, Passive Expert, is still paying out, but has stopped accepting deposits, so there is no point in promoting it. I briefly replaced it with a program that has just crashed and burned. So, lesson learnt. BACK TO TRIED AND TESTED PROGRAMS YOU CAN TRUST!

SFI – Tried and Tested, and Always Innovating!

In the meantime, SFI has been delivering profits month by month, as regular as clockwork. It works for me now as a self-funding business as I use my T-Credits to bid for S-Builder Co-op packages several dollars below retail, which then brings in a steady flow of Personally Sponsored Affiliates, helping to generate in turn, the monthly profitability.

For those of you keen on growing your Bitcoin stash, you can do that with SFI by converting your Rewardical tokens into BTC, which SFI deposits in your crypto wallet.

Also, we are seeing some exciting new product launches during January 2021. SFI never stop innovating!

I am especially impressed with SFI’s new partnership with a UK cleaning company, Morris Clean UK Ltd. Their product, Mighty 101, is a low-cost, high-performance all-purpose cleaner that can be easily delivered worldwide in sachets and at much cheaper prices that the cost of buying bottles of cleaning fluid in retail stores. This product will help us bring a sparkle to our affiliate commissions in 2021!

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is really the backbone of my online business – and it should be yours too! Back in 2015 I was having trouble with a web-hosting service so I decided to move all my blogs over to Wealthy Affiliates’ “Site Rubix” managed hosting service for WordPress blogs. It was one of the best moves I made!

As well as top quality WordPress web hosting, Wealthy Affiliate delivers in depth online business training and a host of tools to support your online business development.

I should also add that their affiliate program is very generous and rock-solid reliable!

Here’s to a profitable and exciting 2021!

All the best,

David Hurley



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