May 2020 EDB Newsletter

We have mayde it to May! Hurrah!

Hope you are staying safe and doing okay.

April saw some solid growth in the membership of

We now have just over 600 members, most of whom have confirmed their membership. Those who do not will be deleted.

A Clear Sense Of Purpose For EDB

Over the last few weeks I have worked hard to improve EDB and give it a clear sense of purpose – a “Unique Selling Proposition”. 

You will not find a downline builder packed with a random assortment of 20 or 30 different sites.

Just our TOP 5 recommended sites (plus Webtalk – where you can connect with us and build your own network)…

And our 6 recommended Bitcoin faucets and ad sites.

Grow Your Crypto With EliteDownlineBuilder

Four of our “TOP 5” programs operate in the crypto sphere:

** Mind Capital and Passive Expert generate daily Bitcoin profits.

** Prosperity Marketing System delivers 100% commissions (one time and residual) that are sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet.

** ClickTrackProfit plugs you into the exciting world of the HIVE blockchain, where you get paid to blog, comment and upvote other people\’s content.

Check out my Hive blog @

The 5th program?

That’s Leadsleap, of course! Our #1 source of leads, referrals, AND upgrades, and one of the best link trackers on the market.

How To Use The LeadsLeap Tracking Service

Speaking of trackers, one of our upgraded members, Rob Willmann, has just created an excellent two-part video training series to get you up to speed with the LeadsLeap tracking service. Rob has experience as a radio broadcaster, and it shows in the quality of the commentary in these videos:

Check out the first video here:

Here’s the link to Rob’s supporting article on his blog:

And the video for Part 2 is here:

Here’s the link to Rob’s supporting article on his blog:

New LeadsLeap “Send Steed” Autoresponder

LeadsLeap recently launched their own professional autoresponder service, Send Steed.

If you are an upgraded member of LeadsLeap you get the full Send Steed capability included in your membership package.

Not yet in LeadsLeap? Log in to EliteDownlineBuilder and join FREE through your sponsor’s link on the *** Top 5 Programs *** downline builder page:

 New, Free Rebrandable Ebook

One of the members of our ClickTrackProfit community created a rebrandable ebook that explains how you can get paid every day by creating content on the Hive blockchain.

The ebook is titled #IAmAliveChallenge and is available in the Free Downloads section of

Not only can you learn about the Hive blockchain, you can also rebrand the ebook with YOUR affiliate links free of charge, and offer it as a freebie in your promotions.

Log in and grab your copy:

While you are there, grab yourself 3 free solo ads as a “thank you” for reading this newsletter with the promo code: 


All the best,

David Hurley


P. S. Wealthy Affiliate have just announced a special “Black Friday” deal from May 1st until May 11th.

Set up your free account here to qualify before the price rise:

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