March News: Site Owner Goes Crazy! Where Did My Ads Go?

Here’s a copy of this month’s newsletter that I sent to the members of my site,

It is a little more caustic in tone than usual! But I trust the core membership, those who post good quality ads, who surf the site, and who send out solo ads will appreciate what I am trying to achieve!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

The EDB March 2021 Newsletter

Dear EDB Members,

What do you think when you are surfing a site and you see broken banner images and dead links?

As a site owner, I hate it! It pulls down the quality of the site and reduces the surfing experience for everybody.

Every time a broken link is displayed, it takes away an opportunity for a working ad to be displayed.

So this month I am purging EliteDownlineBuilder of dead sites and broken links.

Woohoo, what a fun way to spend my days!

Every time a broken link is displayed, it takes away an opportunity for a working ad to be displayed.

It is a real hassle because every time I see a broken link when surfing the site I have to try and track it down, which is not always easy to do.

Take Responsibility For Your Ads!

So I am asking YOU, the site members, to take responsibility for the integrity of your ads.

Because if you are promoting a site that no longer exists, or if you have screwed up the banner image, your ad will be DELETED if I find it!

If you do not check and remove dead sites and broken links, and if your ad is deleted as a result, DO NOT come to me asking for your credits back!

Okay, if I find a broken link to a legit site that I know still exists, I will try to fix the problem for you! I have done that numerous times already.

Most of the ads posted are fine, especially as I check them as they come in.

By deleting dead links and burning the credits attached to them I aim to improve the quality of advertising on EliteDownlineBuilder for everybody who promotes their offers with us.

Thanks for your understanding, as they say! And to show I really do appreciate you for opening and reading this newsletter, here is a promo code for 3 free solo ads: MarchingOn21

All the best,

David Hurley


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