Introducing EDB’s New Crypto Accumulator!

Hardly had I updated the old Bitcoin Faucet Downline Builder and created a new splash page for it when Coinpot announced they were shutting down their crypto faucet sites!


Since three of their sites were featured in EDB’s list of faucets it left a bit of a gap in the downline builder…

A New Site Makes Waves

However, things change fast, and while I was lamenting the loss of those Coinpot faucets, a new site was making waves – Noise.Cash!

Noise.Cash is not a faucet. It’s something better! Imagine if Twitter paid you in BitcoinCash to tweet and tip other tweets! Well, that’s pretty much what Noise.Cash is like. And it’s free as well.

The New EDB “Crypto Accumulator”

So I decided to switch away from an exclusive focus on Bitcoin and on faucets, and change the “bitcoin faucet downline builder” into a “crypto accumulator” where you can plug in to sites where you can earn crypto (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and more) in various ways.

There is still a strong emphasis on earning Bitcoin satoshi with Free Bitcoin, Satoshi Hero and BTC Clicks. In addition, you can mine Bitcoin at Stormgain and then use it to trade crypto futures.

How Noise.Cash Works

Then there is Noise.Cash where you get tipped in Bitcoin Cash for your posts, and you also get to keep back part of any tip that you give out. What’s amazing about this site is that the owners dish out Bitcoin Cash to active users of the site, and you can use it to tip other people’s posts – so tipping not only costs you nothing, you also get paid to tip by choosing how much of the tip you want to keep for yourself!

I pop onto Noise Cash a couple of times a day and am earning one or two dollars a week. That’s not bad considering I’m using the site to raise my profile. Others are earning several dollars worth of Bitcon Cash per week.

Hint: actively engage with others and build a following and you will do well with Bitcoin Cash.

There is no affiliate program, but you can direct people to your profile page where they can then subscribe to you, which means they will see your posts and be able to tip them.

So be sure to plug your username into the new Crypto Accumulator to direct your EDB referrals to your Noise.Cash profile page.

Start Earning Today

I also added Start Earning Today to the Crypto Accumulator. It is actually a free training course by ClickTrackProfit that shows you several ways you can earn different types of crypto simply by taking various actions on the Internet, such as searching for content, surfing the net, or blogging and posting comments.

If you have not yet dipped your toe into the crypto ocean, then now is the time to get started. As the value of crypto goes up, you don’t want to get left behind. The sites in EDB’s Crytpo Accumulator give you an opportunity to earn or accumulate crypto instead of having to buy it.

Affiliate Marketing Materials Updated

I have also updated several of the emails, tweets and splash pages. We now have three new animated splash pages that will help attract attention. Here’s one example:

What To Do

Log in to EliteDownlineBuilder and join the sites in the Crypto Accumulator (they are all free to join). Then plug your usernames into the Crypto Accumulator!

Then choose a splash page and start promoting your EDB link on traffic exchanges. Use one of the updated email letters to promote your EDB link on viral mailers and to your list.

After that, reward yourself by accumulating some crypto on each of the sites!

Here’s wishing you good luck in promoting EliteDownlineBuilder and accumulating crypto with our new Crypto Accumulator!

All the best,

David Hurley


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