How To Promote Affiliate Network Products On Ad Sites That Use Frames admin David Hurley shows you how to promote affiliate products on his and similar ad sites.

Case Study

The Click Engine:

Splash Page Created on LeadsLeap:

The Problem

The problem is that a lot of affiliate links that point to products on affiliate network sites such as Warrior Plus do not work inside frames.

But traffic-exchanges and safelists use frames so that members can earn credits for surfing other members’ pages on the site. If you submit an affiliate network product URL as the page you want to promote, all the surfers will see is a blank grey page with a sad looking page icon stuck in the middle (see header image, above).

The Solution

The solution is to use a site such as to create a splash page. Then, instead of directly promoting the affiliate link on a traffic exchange or safelist, point the splash page to the affiliate link and promote the splash page instead. That is, link out from the splash page to the affiliate page you are promoting.

Even Better…

Perhaps an even better method would be to use a squeeze page on safelists and and traffic-exchanges. A “squeeze page” includes an opt-in form so that you can capture prospects’ email addresses, and promote your affiliate products via email.

You can create squeeze pages as well as splash pages on LeadsLeap. (The squeeze page I linked out to in the previous paragraph was created on and is hosted by LeadsLeap.)

In the video I show you what to do. (I do not take you through the process of creating a splash page. I will do that in another video.):

Use this frame-tester to see if your affiliate link will work inside a frame:

There are several other sites apart from LeadsLeap where you can create and host splash pages. Here are a couple of the popular ones:

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