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Lot’s happening at EliteDownlineBuilder, so here’s another news update already!

I trust you are all doing okay, staying safe and keeping well as Easter approaches.

Okay, here we go…

1. BIG CHANGE to the **Top 5 Programs** downline builder

This has been a long time coming, but the focus of EliteDownlineBuilder is on Bitcoin and Crypto related programs that have a high profit-potential.

So, although I continue to work with SFI and Wealthy Affiliate, I have removed them from the downline builder and replaced them with two Bitcoin earning programs that I’ve been testing for the last few weeks or months:

1.1 Mind.Capital –

Mind Capital is a crypto arbitrage company based in Spain. I put $200 into the program in early January and my passive earnings are now at $105, of which I have successfuly withdrawn $100 equivalent of BTC. That’s a 50% passive profit in 3 months!

Affiliate program: 8% 1st level, 4% 2nd level, with several more levels…
See this blog post for more info:

1.2. Passive.Expert –

Passive Expert is a UK based company that sells log in ad packs for $5 each. The cash is invested and profits distributed to ad pack holders, expiring when 125% has been returned.

Affiliate program: 8% 1st level, 3% 2nd level.

2. NEW Bitcoin-Related Banners Added To Affiliate Tools

I have added some new 468 x 60 banners to the Affiliate Tools /Stats page with the slogan:

“Grow Your Bitcoin Faster With EliteDownlineBuilder”

to attract crypto-savvy markters to us.

“Grow Your Bitcoin Faster With EliteDownlineBuilder”

David Hurley,

I’ve also deleted old banners and banners hosted by Adkreator

3. Adkreator Is Closing Down on 16th April…

Adkreator worked with Flash, but now that Adobe is no longer developing Flash, Barbara has decided to shut down the site.

As a result, I will be removing all Adkreator ads, and also ads hosted by Adkreator from EDB on 15th April. 4. Unconfirmed Members Deleted
As a “thank you” for taking some time out of your day to read this email, I’mgiving away 3 solo ads! Promo Code: NearlyEaster2020By the way, if you missed last week’s newsletter (and another promo code!), you can read it on my blog at:

All the best,
David Hurley

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