Get Ready For FirePay – The Online Payment Processor by ClickTrackProfit

 Some time this month I will be replacing the current online payment processors on with the brand new Fire-Pay, newly released by Jon Olsen and Blain Jones of Click Track Profit fame.

With Fire-Pay, members will be able to buy upgrades and ad packages by credit cards, Bitcoin, AND the new CTP Tokens…

What the Heck Are CTP Tokens??

CTP Tokens are ClickTrackProfit’s new crypto currency, backed by the Steem blockchain and convertable into Steem and from there directly into Bitcoin or fiat currencies such as the US dollar.

Steem (left) and CPT Token (right)

You will be hearing much more about CTP Tokens from me in the near future…

Look out for a lot more news about EliteDownlineBuilder and Click Track Profit… because the NEW Click Track Profit is AWESOME!

I have added ClickTrackProfit to the downline builder, so if you already have an old CTP account, hop over to and log in. Grab your affiliate link and plug it into the EDB downline builder.

Not yet a member of ClickTrackProfit?

Check it out here:

It will be worth your while because some of their games will be coming to EDB to encourage higher levels of referrals and engagement…

Already, if you know where to look when you log in to you will find a “David Hurley” badge to add to your CTP collection! LOL! (Hint, read the updated members page after you log in, all the way down to the bottom…)

Once I get the new payment processor installed, I’m going to start promoting EliteDownlineBuilder to Click Track Profit members as part of the drive to 1,000 active members of EDB!

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All the best,

David Hurley


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