Elite Downline Builder Works!

Over the last month I’ve personally managed to pull in 49 referrals.

Seven of those referrals have upgraded to Platinum, earning a nice flow of “front end income.”

In other words, EliteDownlineBuilder WORKS!

It’s doing what it was designed to do: to work as a “funded proposal” that generates enough income to cover business expenses “on the front end” while helping to build multiple streams of income “on the back end.”

What Works For Me Will Work For You Too
I’m using exactly the same Affiliate Tools to promote EDB as you can use. They are all available via the Affiliate Tools / Stats button, and the LeadsLeap Promo Image button on the vertical menu.

Where My Referrals Come From

Here are the TOP 5 ad sites for my campaigns in September-October 2018:

  • #1 LeadsLeap.com 16/48 Referrals, 3/7 Platinum upgrades… WOW!
  • #2 TE-JV.com 2/48 Referrals, 1/7 Platinum upgrades
  • #3 SiteExplosion.com 1/48 Referrals, 1/7 Platinum upgrades
  • #4 ViralMailProfits.com 2/48 Referrals, 0/7 Platinum upgrades
  • #5 InstantViralMailer.com 2/48 Referrals, 0/7 Platinum upgrades

There you have it folks!

There’s a reason why I added LEADSLEAP to the EDB downline builder: It’s one of the BEST places to advertise biz op sites on the Internet!

It’s well worth upgrading your LeadsLeap account. With 3 premium referrals, I more than got my money back from LeadsLeap this month – and that’s BEFORE I add in my LeadsLeap commissions and profit share! 🙂

If you’re not a member of LeadsLeap yet, log in to your EliteDownlineBuilder account and sign-up via the downline builder. (You can get started with a free account in both programs.)

Then, if you have the funds available, upgrade your LeadsLeap account so you can enjoy the same advertising exposure as I’m getting…

David Hurley



P. S. Feel free to drop me a line any time via the Contact Form on this website.


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