Blowing Away Fake Accounts During Typhoon Haishen!

EliteDownlineBuilder is two already!

I launched EDB back in September 2018 just after returning to Japan from my summer holidays in the U.K.

Two years later, we have 751 CONFIRMED  members, many of whom have seen the value of on offer and upgraded their accounts.

Two other quick news updates:

Update #1: Affiliate commissions

You can convert your commissions into credits any time. To receive commission payments, simply drop me a line and request your commission. Let me know HOW you want to be paid. Here are the options:

1. Paypal (send me your current Paypal email address)

2. Bitcoin (send me your wallet address)

3. CTP Tokens (send me your Hive username)

Update #2: Fake Referrals

We have recently has a lot of fake referrals. They do not affect your surfing experience with EDB as they are all UNCONFIRMED.

I think they are coming from some kind of bot that automatically fills in the sign up form on sites where we are promoting EDB.

When I see them, I immediately delete them. So if you notice that your referral count has gone DOWN, it will be because I have been deleting fake accounts.

Check out this video I made about the issue:

NOTE: Fake accounts have been referred through a lot of active members\’ pages, including my own, so I am not “blaming” anybody for them. Keep on promoting EDB and keep on earning commissions from upgrades and credit purchases!

UPDATE #3 Referral Competition Update

With 751 confirmed members, we have just 249 more confirmed members to recruit to hit 1,000 members and the big Referral Competition Prize Payouts! Be sure to check them out in the members’ area of EDB!

Those of you who work with SFI will LOVE the Rewardical prizes!

*** Promo Code ***

You get:

2,000 credits
2 solo ads
2 fullpage ads each with 2,000 credits!

Hop over to my CTPTalk Blog to grab the Promo Code:

All the best,

David Hurley


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