April Newsletter: Full Steam Ahead! New Faucets, Builders, Funnels, and Responders

Hi EDB Members,

I hope you and yours are doing okay, staying safe and keeping well.

With so many people spending time at home, now is a better time than ever to build your online business and help others to do that same.

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gain acceptance, it has become increasingly easy to find ways to earn from the Internet and grow your online income.

Simply working with Bitcoin faucets and ad sites, referring others into them is a great way to get started.

I am building a complete crypto marketing funnel and will be offering it to EDB members in the near future…

FreeBitco.in Added To The Downline Builder

In the meantime, I have added FreeBitco.in – one of the most popular Bitcoin faucets – to the downline builder.

That reminds me…

We Now Have 2 Downline Builders, But…

Next time you log in to EliteDownlineBuilder check the downline builders! There are now 2 dlbs, one for the “Top 5” tried and tested programs, and one for the Bitcoin faucets etc.

HOWEVER, I think one unintended result of the change is that YOUR REFERRAL URLs may have DISAPPEARED from the downline builder. 🙁

So please log in asap and set up both downline builders with your affiliate URLs.

April Promo Code

To sweeten it for you, here is a Promo Code for 10,000 credits: 10kApril2020

Positive Developments in 2 of our “Top 5” Programs

1. ClickTrackProfit launches StartEarning.Today

just launched a free funnel called StartEarning.Today that pulls people into FreeBitco.in and 4 other crypto-related programs:

* Brave browser – get paid to browse the web

* Presearch – get paid to search the web (replaces Google!)

* Hive blog: get PAID to blog on the Hive  blockchain!

Check out my Hive blog and you will see I\’ve been getting paid to blog – about Lego of all things! LOL!


* ClickTrackProfit – needs no introduction!

Here is the funnel – you can pick up yours for free inside your ClickTrackProfit members area:


(Thanks to this funnel I already have 3 people in my FreeBitco.in team and . I only begain testing it last night :))

2. LeadsLeap launches SendSteed

Leadsleap has just released a FREE autoresponder called Send Steed!

Even if you are just a FREE member of Leadsleap you can use Send Steed to build your list and send out broadcasts.

If you are an upgraded member, you will be able to use it to create email letter series and drip them out, just like any other professional autoresponder.

I highly recommend that you upgrade LeadsLeap – it is consistently my #1 source of leads, referrals and upgrades – but it only works well if you upgrade.

If you (1) cannot afford an autoresponder or (2) are unhappy about how much you pay each month, then I recommend that you switch to LeadsLeap’s SendSteed.

Check it out here:


The Last Thing, For Now…

Last month I published my co-authored book – A Thousand A Month – on Amazon and Kindle… and I was surprised to find UK £33 (about $44) in my UK bank account in book royalties from Amazon.

Thank you very much!

Today I updated my book blog – check it out at:


Okay, more stuff is being developed…

but that is all the news for today.

Be sure to Log In and enter your affiliate URLs – and pick up your FREE 10,000 credits using the promo code: 10kApril2020

Stay safe,

David Hurley




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