Build Online Passive Income Streams With These Top 5 Affiliate Programs Using Just ONE URL!

Who Else Wants To Build 5 Online Passive Income Streams?


This is David Hurley of And I am excited to announce the launch of my latest site, is designed to help you build a sustainable business generating multiple online passive income streams through five tried and tested programs that have been around for several years now.


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I’ve been a member of these top 5 affiliate programs for several years as well. So I know these programs will help you to build your business if you work the system.

And the system is very easy!

Plug In Your 5 Affiliate Links And Promote Just ONE URL!

Let me show  you how it works.

Your first step is to join our Top 5 affiliate programs listed below.

If you’re already a member then you don’t need to join again. You can simply plug your current affiliate URL(s) into  Elite Downline Builder.

Once you’ve plugged in the programs all you have to do is promote ONE URL and you will be able to build a sustainable business offering you the chance to grow multiple online passive income streams.

Click Here To Start Earning Mulitple Online Passive Income Streams!

The programs we work with are:

1. Prosperity Marketing System

2. Wealthy Affiliate

3. SFI

4. Click Track Profit

Click Track Profit

5. LeadsLeap

These are the same five residual income programs that send me commissions every single month.

An Intelligent Approach To Building An Online Business

Our Top 5 affiliate programs work well together to create an integrated online business for you.

SFI offers a lot of great product products such as Eager Zebra Games, Astro Auctions and the Tripleclicks shopping mall for you to promote online. As well as commissions, you can earn a ton of Rewardical tokens every month and convert them into cash, Bitcoin or even silver bullion. (Personally, I convert my Rewardicals into Bitcoin.)

Wealthy Affiliate gives you multiple high quality WordPress blogs, top rate hosting, and an excellent online business training program.

Click Track Profit is a fun way to train yourself to be a successful online affiliate. Their step-by-step training videos will get you moving in the right direction and engaging with your target audience. You can also get paid in their innovative crypto “CTP Token” for blogging, commenting on other people’s blogs and even for simply “upvoting” content you like.

The Prosperity Marketing System gives you a highly professional marketing funnel to showcase your favourite programs and build your list with their slick, highly customizable squeeze pages. Take what you learn in ClickTrackProfit, and put it to work with The Prosperity Marketing System and watch the referrals and commissions roll in.

LeadsLeap will generate a ton of targeted traffic to your landing pages. LeadsLeap continually sends visitors to Elite Downline Builder and is our top source of referrals and upgrades.

So, as you can see, each of our top 5 affiliate programs was picked for a specific purpose. And together, they are a VERY powerful combination! By plugging them into Elite Downline Builder we are making it very easy to build up a reliable source of online passive income streams for years to come.

You Can Make Money With Us On A Shoe-String Budget

Unlike some other plug-in programs, we do not stuff our downline builder with random programs that are expensive to join.

Our aim is NOT to fleece our members, but to grow together with them.

That’s why you can join ALL of the five programs as a FREE member and earn commissions on any sales you generate.

Earn Up To 75% Commissions From EliteDownlineBuilder

You can also earn instant front-end commissions – from 10% (Free Members) to a full 75% (JV-Diamond Members) depending on your membership level -when your referrals buy advertising or upgrade their membership of

So with Elite Downline Builder, you can offer your referrals a “funded proposal” that will generate front end commissions for you while you build your passive income streams on the back end.

Advertise Your Offers To Our Members

There’s also a lot of advertising you can do on this site. Get the word out to our members about your own products and services, your blog or YouTube channel, or any other affiliate programs that you work with.

Win Cash And Rewardicals In Our Referral Contest

And we are kicking off with a massive referral contest up until we get our first 1,000 members.

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See you on the inside!

David Hurley